Ancient Roman Tinned Bronze Patera

Ancient Roman Tinned Bronze Patera

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This is an ancient Roman Tinned Bronze Patera, dating to the 1st - 2nd century AD. The central tondo is engraved with a plant motif encircled by concentric rings. This finely worked, and ornate vessel was used to serve food or drink at dinner parties or to pour libations at religious ceremonies. The condition is excellent, of the type of find from Pompeii or from a hot and dry climate, as it displays excellent metal and a good amount of tinning remains.

OBJECT: Patera vessel


DATE: c. 1st - 2nd century AD

MATERIAL: Tinned Bronze

SIZE: 5cm high, 20cm diam. of bowl, 34cm wide

WEIGHT:  523.1 grams

PROVENANCE: BonhamsThe Antiquities sale, de Louxor à Rome, voyage d'un passionné 07 Oct 2021. Ex. Anonymous sale; Hermann Historica, Munich, 18 April 2008, lot 107.