Intact ancient Roman ladies bronze handled mirror

Intact ancient Roman ladies bronze handled mirror

Code: 11691


This is an interesting Roman bronze mirror, dating to the 2nd century AD. The object is intact with a simple riveted handle. The outer surface is decorated with concentric circles with a lip for strength. The inside is highly polished and bears traces of tinning for a reflective surface. This would have been highly polished to allow the user to study their reflection. Romans were concerned with their physical appearance. Mirrors such as this were likely to have been used during washing and when applying cosmetics. Also see "Iron Age and Roman Mirrors from East Anglia" for further examples of this type. A nice object in excavated condition

OBJECT: Mirror


DATE: c. 2nd century A.D.


SIZE: 140mm x 92mm x 4mm

WEIGHT: 47.67 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a Private collection, London.