Large Celtic La Tene Chariot Terret Manching type

Large Celtic La Tene Chariot Terret Manching type

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This is a large bronze Celtic terret, that closely parallels one excavated from the oppidum at Manching (Jacobi 1974, taf.52), which was abandoned around 50 BC. The Manching terret is the last picture. Some of the Manching terrets, dated by Jacobi to the Late La Tène period (ibid., 200; taf.52, nos.809, 814-816) – now thought to be from roughly 150/130 BC – 30/20 BC (Haselgrove 2007). Another has been found in the La Tène III chariot burial at Armentières (Mariën 1961, 49). Mariën (ibid., fig.68) illustrates one of the four terrets from Armentières: it consists of a latitudinal ovular ring set upon an angular neck. This type of terret would have been used to guide the reigns on a chariot to a pair of horses. This would date to the Gallic Wars with Julius Caesar.

OBJECT: Chariot Terret

CULTURE: Late La Tene

DATE: c. 130 - 30 BC


SIZE: 55mm x 49mm x 26mm

WEIGHT:  74.4 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a European Private Collection, Chambourcy. France