Roman patera handle with enamel

Roman patera handle with enamel

Code: 10933


This is an ancient Romano British bronze and enamel handle, dating to the 2nd century AD. It can be verified from other existing examples in museums, to be the lower half of a handle from a patera (of a bow tie shape). It is decorated with 'Celtic-style' motifs consisting of a curvilinear scrollwork design of turquoise and blue enamel. A bowl with almost identical enamel work was found in Staffordshire, known as 'The Staffordshire Pan' (WMID-3FE965) with a complete patera excavated in Amiens (known as the Amiens Patera) compare the similarities on the last photograph.

It would appear this object to be from a vessel of Roman date, possibly associated with the retirement of soldiers from Hadrians Wall. It is a fragment of a magnificent and very attractive object, with the Celtic design still clear and enamel remarkably intact.

OBJECT: Patera handle


DATE: c. 2nd century AD

MATERIAL: Bronze & Enamel

SIZE: 42mm x 47mm x 2mm

WEIGHT:  20.84 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. Private collection Florida, originally found in England.