Ancient Roman Copper As of Emperor Domitian / Fortuna

Ancient Roman Copper As of Emperor Domitian / Fortuna

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This is an ancient Roman copper As, of Emperor Domitian, it was struck at Rome between 90 - 91 AD 

Obverse:  IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM COS XV CENS PER PP "Supreme commander (Imperator), Caesar, Domitian, emperor (Augustus), conqueror of the Germans, consul for the 15th time, censor for life, father of the nation." Laureate head right

Reverse:  FORTVNAE AVGVSTI "For the good fortune of the emperor (Augustus)" Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae.

A nice coin, with a great portrait and a nice dark green patina.


DENOMINATION: As (1/16 of a denarius)


DATE: 81 - 96 AD (This coin was minted in Rome in 90 - 91 AD)

SIZE: 26mm diameter

WEIGHT: 10.93 grams

ATTRIBUTION: RIC II 707; Cf. RIC 394 (as); C 132 (as) 

PROVENANCE: Private collection. Cologne, Germany.