Ancient Roman Æ Sestertius empress Lucilla / Joy

Ancient Roman Æ Sestertius empress Lucilla / Joy

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This is an ancient Roman AE orichalcum Sestertius, of empress Lucilla, minted in Rome between 161 - 162 AD 

Obverse: LVCILLAE AVG ANTONINI AVG F, "Of Lucilla the venerable, daughter of emperor (Augustus) Antoninus." Bust of Lucilla, hair waved and fastened in a low chignon at back of head, draped, right.

Reverse: HILARITAS / S C, "Joy. Decree of the senate" Hilaritas, draped, standing left, holding long palm, nearly vertical, in right hand and cornucopiae in left hand.


DENOMINATION: Sestertius (1/4 of a denarius)

MATERIAL: AE orichalcum

DATE: 164 - 182 AD (this coin minted between 161-162 AD)

SIZE: 31.72mm diameter

WEIGHT: 27.82 grams

ATTRIBUTION: RIC 1742; Cohen 31; BMC 1147; 

PROVENANCE: Private collection. Worcester, Massachusetts, United States