Ancient Roman silver denarius of Caracalla / Asclepius

Ancient Roman silver denarius of Caracalla / Asclepius

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This is an ancient Roman silver denarius, of emperor Caracalla, minted at Rome in 215 AD. 

Obverse: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM, "Antoninus Pius emperor (Augustus), conqueror of the Germans." Head of Caracalla, laureate, right.

Reverse: P M TR P XVIII COS IIII P P, "High priest, holder of tribunician power for the 18th time, consul for the fourth time, father of the nation." Asclepius, nude to waist, standing front, head left, holding serpent-wreathed wand; to right.

A bold well struck coin in better than VF condition with old toning




DATE: 198 - 217 AD (this coin minted between 199 - 200 AD)

SIZE: 18.5mm dia

WEIGHT: 3.15 grams

ATTRIBUTION: BMC 105. Cohen 307. RIC 253.

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection. Frankfurt am Main, Germany.