Ancient Roman Silver Siliqua of Emperor Valentinian I

Ancient Roman Silver Siliqua of Emperor Valentinian I

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This is a nice ancient Roman silver Siliqua of emperor Valentinian, dating to 364 - 367 A.D. This  coin was minted at Lyon in France, mint mark LVG from a clogged die.

Obverse: D N VALENTINIANVS P F AVG "Our Lord Valentinian Pious Fortunate August" pearl-diademed, draped & cuirassed bust right.

Reverse: RESTITVTOR REIP "Restorer of the State" Valentinian standing facing, head r., holding labarum and Victory on globe, hook and cross on the standard.

This coin was minted at Lugdunum (Lyons in France) with the mint mark LVG. It had travelled across the English Channel, being recovered by a metal detectorist in Wiltshire.




DATE: 364 - 367 A.D.


SIZE: 17.5mm dia

WEIGHT: 1.84 grams

ATTRIBUTION: RIC IX Lyons 6a; RSC 18-19+c.

PROVENANCE:  Formerly in a private collection. Wiltshire.