Rare Roman silver light Miliarense of Valentinian II

Rare Roman silver light Miliarense of Valentinian II

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This is a rare ancient Roman silver Miliarense of emperor Valentinian II struck between 388 - 392 A.D.

Obverse: DN VALENTINI-ANVS PF AVG "Our Lord Valentinian, Dutiful and Wise Augustus" pearl diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right

Reverse: VIRTVS-EXERCITVS "Courage of the Army" Emperor standing left, holding standard in the right hand and resting left on shield

This coin was struck at the Lyons mint, bearing a LVGPS mintmark (for Lyons in France) having travelled to Somerset 
(England) where it was discovered by a metal detectorist. 

This coin bears the ubiquitous striking crack and appears to have seen some considerable circulation. A rare coin! 




DATE: 388 - 392 A.D.

MINTMARK: LVGPS (Lyons, France)

SIZE: 22.70mm dia

WEIGHT: 3.53 grams

ATTRIBUTION: RIC IX Trier 93a; Sear 20217. mfa.org/objects/162705