Rare Roman Silver Miliarense of Constantius II

Rare Roman Silver Miliarense of Constantius II

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This is a rare ancient Roman silver Miliarense of emperor Constantius II struck between 350 - 355 A.D.

D N CONSTANTIVS PF AVG - pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right

VIRTVS EXERCITVS soldier standing, head left, holding spear and shield.

This coin was struck at the Thessalonica Mint, bearing a TES Mintmark (for Thessaloniki in Greece)

This coin would grade around EF and has been sold as such, however, it has a piercing likely made during the late Roman or Saxon period (to make the large coin into a pendant/piece of jewellery). The position of the piercing will enable the hole to be filled or repaired quite easily. The piercing is part of its history and will be sold as such.




DATE: 350 - 355 A.D.

MINTMARK: TES (Thessalonica, Greece)

SIZE: 22mm dia

WEIGHT: 4.3 grams

ATTRIBUTION: RIC VIII 160/203 / Sear 17884.