Roman gold solidus of emperor Honorius Ravenna

Roman gold solidus of emperor Honorius Ravenna

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This is an ancient Roman gold Solidus of emperor Honorius dating to 393 - 423 AD.

Obverse: DN HONORI-VS PF AVG, "Our Lord Honorius, Dutiful and Wise Augustus" Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right.

Reverse: VICTORI-A AVGGG, "To the Victory of the Emperors" Honorius standing right, holding plain standard and Victory on globe, captive at foot. R.V. either side for Ravenna and  COM OB in exurge*

*The moneta comitatensis was the imperial court mint that followed the emperor.  A special mintmark COM for comitatus (or COMT.M) Most coins signed by the comitatensian mint also bear a supplementary abbreviation referring to the name of the town where the coin was actually struck in this case in Ravenna. The OB refers to pure gold - so it would read as "pure gold of the Imperial Court" (COMOB)



DATE: 393 - 423 AD (this coin minted between 402 - 408 AD)

MINTMARK: RV (Ravenna, Italy)

SIZE: 20.89mm diameter

WEIGHT: 4.46 grams

ATTRIBUTION: RIC X 1287, types a, c and d; Sear 20919.