Roman Gold Solidus of Emperor Theodosius II

Roman Gold Solidus of Emperor Theodosius II

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This is an ancient Roman gold Solidus of emperor Theodosius II, who reigned from 408 - 450 A.D.

D N THEODOSIVS P F AVG, helmeted, cuirassed three-quarters-facing bust, spear over shoulder and shield decorated with horseman spearing enemy.

IMP XXXXII COS XVII P PConstantinopolis enthroned left with cross on globe and sceptre, left foot on prow; star to left.

This coin was struck at the Constantinople mint, between the years 442 - 443 A.D. mintmark CONOB. This coin likely formed part of the payment to Atilla the Hun of over 2100 Ilbs (in weight) of gold tribute per year. A nice example in good excavated condition.



DATE: 442 - 443 A.D.

MINTMARK: COMOB (Constantinople, Turkey)

SIZE: 22mm diameter

WEIGHT: 4.43 grams

ATTRIBUTION: RIX X 299; Sear 21140.