Roman Gold Solidus of Emperor Valens

Roman Gold Solidus of Emperor Valens

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This is an ancient Roman gold Solidus of emperor Valens, dating to 366 - 367 AD

Obverse: DN VALENS PER F AVG "Our Lord Valens, Pious and Blessed August" pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right

Reverse: RESTITVTOR REIPVBLICAE, "Restorer of the State" Valens standing facing, head right, holding standard (star on the banner) and Victory on globe

This coin was struck at the Antioch mint, between 366-367 AD mint mark ANTI dot. This coin has evidently seen circulation and exhibits consistent wear. It is still a nice excavated coin found in France. 



DATE: 364 - 378 AD (this coin minted between 366 - 367 AD)

MINTMARK: ANTI dot (Antioch, Turkey)

SIZE: 20mm dia

WEIGHT: 3.9 grams

ATTRIBUTION: RIC IX 2d, xiii.5; cf. Cohen 32.