Roman gold solidus of Valentinian II

Roman gold solidus of Valentinian II

Code: 11258


This is an ancient Roman gold Solidus of emperor Valentinian II dating to 375 - 392 A.D.

DN VALENTINI-ANVS PF AVG  D[ominvs] N[oster] VALENTINIAN P[ivs] F[elix] AVG[vstvs] "Our Lord Valentinian, Dutiful and Wise Augustus"

VICTOR-IAAVGG, "To the Victory of the Emperors" two emperors, nimbate, enthroned facing, holding a globe between them; the figure of Victory above and behind them, with wings spread, a palm-branch below, COM in exergue, 

This coin was struck at the Milan mint, having traveled across the empire and being lost in Lincolnshire in the U.K. This would have been included with some of the last Roman gold coinage to enter Britain before the Romans abandoned the province in 410 A.D. A rare coin that has been buried in the ground, so some marks/digs to the field but otherwise GVF



DATE: 375 - 392 A.D.

MINTMARK: COM (Milan, Italy)

SIZE: 19mm dia

WEIGHT: 4.45 grams

ATTRIBUTION:  RIC IX Milan 9; Depeyrot 10.3 

PROVENANCE: Found in Lincolnshire.