Silver Siliqua of Emperor Gratian

Silver Siliqua of Emperor Gratian

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This is a nice excavated ancient Roman silver Siliqua of emperor Gratian dating to 367 - 383 A.D.

D N GRATIANVS P F AVG pearl-diademed, draped & cuirassed bust right 

VRBS ROMA Roma seated left on cuirass, holding Victory on globe and reversed spear. 

This coin was minted between the years 375 - 378 A.D. at Aquileia (Aquileia, in Italy), mintmark AQPS. It had traveled across the Roman Empire, being discovered by a metal detectorist in far-flung Yorkshire!




DATE: 375 - 378 A.D.

MINTMARK: AQPS (Aquileia, Italy)

SIZE: 16.10mm

WEIGHT: 1.5 grams

PROVENANCE: Found in Yorkshire, England.

ATTRIBUTION: RIC IX Aquileia 15b, rated rare