English medieval casket mount of Saint Augustine

English medieval casket mount of Saint Augustine

Code: 10888


This is a superb example of a medieval book or casket mount, dating to the 15th - 16th century. The mount is in the form of a half cowled figure, wearing a bishop's miter and holding a book. This is presumably a representation of Saint Augustine,  of the Augustine Monks who is always depicted in medieval art with a miter and a book. The workmanship is very English, he is heavily gold gilded with no trace of enamels. This is the type of sacred art that was destroyed during the Reformation, he has happily survived intact and still bears a nice contemplative expression!

OBJECT: Casket Mount

CULTURE: Medieval

DATE: c. 15th century A.D.

MATERIAL: Bronze gold gilded

SIZE: 57mm (tall) x 37mm (wide) x 12mm (deep) 

WEIGHT:  17.60 grams

PROVENANCE:  Ex. Private collection Florida, originally found near Exeter