Medieval Limoges Enamelled Mount Winged Angel Saint Matthew

Code: 10898


This is a medieval enameled copper alloy mount from the terminal of an arm of a processional cross made in Limoges, dating to c. AD 1150-1300. It is decorated with a winged angel of St. Matthew the Evangelist. The mount is T-shaped and flat. This object was originally one of a set of four decorative mounts. Each mount would be attached to an arm of the cross, each one depicting a winged creature that is emblematic of the four Evangelists: St Mark - lion; St Matthew - angel; St Luke - bull; St John - eagle. The multicolour enamel is typical of the Limoges industry in France which produced large numbers of high-quality gold and copper-based enameled pieces and dates to the later 12th or 13th century. Similar examples have been recorded from Nottinghamshire DENO-4E91E9, East Hampshire SUSS-54B2C4 and West Dorset DOR-C06CB4


CULTURE: Medieval

DATE: c. 12th - 13th century A.D.

MATERIAL: Bronze gold gilded

SIZE: 55mm (tall) x 59mm (wide) x 2mm (deep) 

WEIGHT:  37.37 grams

PROVENANCE:  Ex. Private collection Florida, originally found in Northumberland.

Medieval Limoges Enamelled Mount Winged Angel Saint Matthew