Renaissance silver-gilt reliquary pendant

Renaissance silver-gilt reliquary pendant

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This is a superb Renaissance silver-gilt devotional pendant, dating to the mid 16th - early 17th century AD. The pendant houses a relic held within a sealed container. The front is decorated with a gridiron with a glass or crystal cover beneath. The back has a plaque of the Crucifixion with the bevel rubbed over to secure the reliquary tight. It retains the original suspension ring and is in excellent and original condition.

OBJECT: Devotional Reliquary Pendant

CULTURE: Renaissance Italy / France

DATE: 16th - 17th century (c. 1550 - 1600 A.D.)

MATERIAL: Silver-gilt 

SIZE: 55.86mm x 43.75mm x 10.59mm 

WEIGHT: 30.92 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection, Madrid.