Baroque Silver-gilt Portrait Miniature Pendant

Baroque Silver-gilt Portrait Miniature Pendant

Code: 10422


This is a fabulous silver-gilt portrait miniature frame, dating to the mid 17th century. It is a large oval example, intact with the original mercurial gold gilding. Similar to P.129-1910P.32-1929 held in the V&A. This type of frame was popular throughout the 17th century. A perfect piece for a period miniature looking for a new home!

OBJECT:  Miniature Frame

CULTURE: Baroque/Stuart

DATE: c. 1610 - 1680 A.D.

MATERIAL: Silver-gilt

SIZE: 76mm x 51mm x 10mm (inside 67mm x 50mm)  

WEIGHT:  46.9 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. E. Hodgkins Collection, Oxfordshire.