Portrait Miniature Gentleman Hendrik Gerritsz Pot

Portrait Miniature Gentleman Hendrik Gerritsz Pot

Code: 10697


This finely painted portrait miniature of a gentleman, wearing a dropped lace collar of the 1630's. The miniature is displayed in a turned ebonized wood frame. The back bears an inscription, naming Henri Pot, likely a Hendrik Gerritsz Pot, either as the sitter or portrait painter. Pot was active as an officer in the militia at Haarlem, where he also painted until his death in 1657. The inscription appears to have a date 1600 - 1656 very faded and could be a reference to the artist (as it is out by around one year). It also appears to refer to a 'Williams' and 'Mayor' but is very much faded with age and time and is hard to decipher. We can date this portrait to the 1630s as the style of collar was in the height of fashion around this period. The majority of Pot's work also comes from the 1630s and 1640s. It is very well painted on copper, has slight scratches and a few small flecks of paint missing (clearly shown) but very hard to spot in the hand. For once this is a genuine portrait from the second quarter of the 17th century. A nice example that will benefit from further research. 

OBJECT: Portrait Miniature

CULTURE: Flemish / Dutch Baroque

DATE: c. 1630 - 1640

SIZE: 48mm x 37mm (framed 85mm x 78mm x 19mm)

WEIGHT: 48.6 grams