Renaissance portrait of a lady oils on copper framed

Renaissance portrait of a lady oils on copper framed

Code: 11329


This is a nice Renaissance portrait miniature of a lady, painted with oils on copper. It would date to the late 16th century, c. 1595 judging by the fashionable dress and open ruff. It appears to have been pierced at some stage to be worn on a ribbon but the hole has later been painted over. The face is well done, though the original varnish has yellowed through time and there appears to be patches of overpainting. The portrait has been later framed in a nice gilded wood mount, probably of early 18th-century date. This painting is an original antique portrait of a lady from life, probably a merchants wife rather than nobility. 

OBJECT: Portrait Miniature

CULTURE: Renaissance

DATE: c. 1590 - 1610 (wooden frame later 17th - 18th century?)

SIZE: 93mm x 74mm (framed 129.93mm x 108.04mm x 23.83mm)

WEIGHT: 25.05 grams (framed 81.66 grams)

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection, France.