Superb Limoges Enamel Portrait Plaque Renaissance Lady

Code: 10605


This is a finely painted Limoges enamel plaque, dating to the 17th century. The plaque represents a kneeling lady in prayer, she is named as MAGDELENT FEMME DE IAQVES DE DREVX. Magdelent wife of Jaques de Dreux. There is an armorial bearing the arms of the Counts of Dreux and that of Magdalene's family (so will enable further research). The plaque is quite large, so likely mounted into a piece of furniture or used as a book cover (her husband would have been mirrored on an opposite plaque). The enamel is brightly foiled, giving a nice depth and shimmer when exposed to light, especially candlelight. This piece was likely (in my opinion) commissioned as part of a larger family set, one commemorating a past noble lineage. Sadly it has some damage to the lower corner. The plaque has an old collector or inventory number on the back. A nice looking antique object, worthy of further research.

OBJECT: Limoges Plaque

CULTURE: Renaissance / Baroque

DATE: c. 17th century

SIZE: 202mm x 145mm 

WEIGHT: 147.4 grams

Superb Limoges Enamel Portrait Plaque Renaissance Lady