Neoclassical polychrome hardstone cameo ring of Hector & Andromache

Neoclassical polychrome hardstone cameo ring of Hector & Andromache

Code: 11398


This is a fabulous hardstone cameo in a polychrome sardonyx gem, beautifully sculpted with an image of the Trojan hero Hector leaving to fight Achilles, his queen Andromache is on her knees and begging him to stay. It is an emotive gem, expertly imagined from the natural wavy layers of the gem, utilizing the various colours to great effect. The ring is engraved with a number '269' possibly an inventory from a collection of gems from whence it originated? The cameo is certainly very hard, not a shell. It doesn't scratch with a needle and has been tested by the previous jewellers who were also gemmologists as having a hardness of 7 out of 10, corresponding to amethyst or sardonyx. This is a rare and interesting cameo, possibly even earlier than Georgian (it could be ancient Roman) coming from a Grand Tour or old collection?

OBJECT: Cameo Ring

CULTURE: Neoclassical 

DATE: 18th century A.D. or older

MATERIAL:  Sardonyx & gold

RING SIZE:   7  (US)    O  (UK)

SIZE: 29.60mm x 22.60mm x 20.90mm 2.56mm (cameo 26.30mm x 20.41mm)

WEIGHT: 5.98 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a private collection Floria, sold by Hess Fine Art