Sardonyx Hardstone Cameo of Zeus

Sardonyx Hardstone Cameo of Zeus

Code: 11134


This is a beautifully sculpted hardstone cameo of Zeus, dating to the 18th century. He is cut on a layered sardonyx gemstone, in a 3/4 profile. The gemmarius has utilized the white upper layer for the head, with the wreath and hair using a layered golden yellow carnelian. The field polished pink/red layer, giving a pleasant contrast to the head. The gem would have originally been set into a gold ring, likely purchased on a Grand Tour in Rome or Italy. Today the gem has survived intact with no loss or chips, however, there is a fine hairline by his eye and a few striations throughout the stone (possibly natural). The hairline appears very old and is stable.


CULTURE: Neoclassical - Georgian

DATE: 18th century A.D.

MATERIAL: Sardonyx

SIZE: 26.17mm x 16.98mm x 10.70mm

WEIGHT: 5.21 grams