Medieval Bronze Armorial Seal Guy de la Rouche

Medieval Bronze Armorial Seal Guy de la Rouche

Code: 10809


This is a rare medieval bronze armorial seal, dating to the 15th century. It would have once belonged to a knight, bearing his arms. The armorial displays a 'rampant lion'. The seal is inscribed with the owner's name in a form of 'Black-Letter' script of the 15th century. This reads as 'Guyon de la rouche' referring to Château de La Roche-Guyon. Sir Guy de La Roche fell at the Battle of Agincourt, and his widow was ousted from the Roche, after six months of siege, in 1419. The seal is of a 'chessman' type. These were extremely important objects to their owners, seldom misplaced or lost as credit cards are kept today. On the death of the owner, their seals were broken up and destroyed. This example is clearly intact, although the top of the suspension ring is quite worn. Similar armorial seals have been recorded from Cambridge (SF-43A30C) and Northampton (IHS-0BB4C1).

OBJECT: Seal Matrice

CULTURE: Medieval

DATE: c. 15th century A.D.


SIZE: 32mm x 24mm 

WEIGHT:  26.2 grams

PROVENANCE:  Ex. European Private Collection, France