Baroque Double sided Silver Watch Case / Pendant

Code: 10730


This is a large and impressive silver case, dating to the late 17th century A.D. The case opens on both sides, it has a rim on the inside but no base. This will work for an early verse fusee watch from the beginning of the 17th century, with one side for the watch face and dial, the other for the movement and to expose the winding mechanism for a key. If not for a watch then it would be for snuff or expensive spices.  The case is not marked but the design on the outer band and suspension loop are found on late 16th - mid-17th-century reliquaries and pendants. It is an interesting piece of silver and weighs at least 2 ounces, so a hefty quality object in good condition. 

OBJECT: Watch Case / Box Pendant

CULTURE: Baroque

DATE: c. 1620 - 1680 A.D.


SIZE:  65mm x 48mm x 28mm

WEIGHT:  68.4 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly part of a European private collection, Paris.

Baroque Double sided Silver Watch Case / Pendant