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Middle Bronze Age Gold Bar Twisted Earrings Ring Money

£1,090.00 Approx $1349.01, €1265.97

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This is a rare pair of Middle Bronze Age gold earrings, dating to 1400 - 700 B.C. These earrings are known as 'Bar Twisted Rings', recent research has disproved their use as 'ring-money' coinage, terming such ornaments as decorative pieces of jewelry. It is likely this is a set of earrings or a form of hair ornament (i.e. 'beard rings'). Similar pieces can be seen in the British Museum mainly from Ireland.

OBJECT: Earrings / Hair Ornament

CULTURE: Middle Bronze Age

DATE: c. 1400 - 700 B.C.


SIZE: 10.97mm x 2.75mm +10.71mm x 2.63mm

WEIGHT: 2.53 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. Robinson collection Essex, England.