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King Edward III Anglo-Gallic Silver Double Leopard Sous Couronne

£125.00 Approx $170.3, €140.45

Code: 10116

This is a nice Anglo-Gallic silver Double au leopard sous couronne, of king Edward III (1327 - 1377).

 + ЄD' RЄX : ΛnGLIЄ, large crown above leopard passant left; rosette below / + mOnЄTA DVPLЄX (rosette), short cross pattée; crowns in first and fourth quarters.

This coin was struck in Aquitaine during the Hundred Years War for use in English held territory in France. 

DENOMINATION: Double au leopard sous couronne 

CULTURE: Medieval France


DATE: 1327 - 1377


SIZE: 19mm dia

WEIGHT: 0.83 grams

ATTRIBUTION: SCBC 8080; Elias 92c; Duplessy, Féodales 1092A; Elias Collection 167; Boudeau 500; Poey d'Avant 2895.