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Renaissance Silver Verre Églomisé Devotional Pendant Arma Christi


Code: 10248

This is a nice Renaissance silver devotional pendant, dating to the 16th - 17th century A.D. The pendant is decorated with a double-sided Verre Églomisé panel, one side with a depiction of young Christ, the other with the Arma Christi. The panels are nicely set within a silver bevel, decorated with granulation and twisted ropework band. It is a very nice example, intact and original. Such a piece may have been purchased on a pilgrimage to Rome.

OBJECT: Devotional Pendant

CULTURE: Spanish Renaissance

DATE: 16th - 17th century (c. 1550 - 1650 A.D.)

MATERIAL: Silver & Verre Églomisé

SIZE: 37mm x 30mm x 12mm 

WEIGHT: 13.26 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection