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Roman Silver Siliqua of Julian II Struck at Lyons France EF

£195.00 Approx $268.23, €228.34

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This is a nice excavated ancient Roman silver Siliqua, of emperor Julian II, dating to 360 - 363 A.D. This coin is in at least EF condition (in my opinion), with a superb portrait and bold lustrous reverse. 

FL CL IVLIANVS P P AVG, rosette-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right

VOTIS V MVLTIS X in four lines within wreath. Mintmark LVG

This coin was minted at Lugdunum (Lyons in France) mint mark LVG. It had traveled across the English Channel,being discovered by a metal detectorist in Wiltshire.




DATE: 360 - 363 A.D.

MINTMARK: LVG (Lugdunum, Lyons, France)

SIZE: 17mm dia

WEIGHT: 1.57 grams

Attribution: RSC 163†c.