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English Tudor Silver Gilt Devotional Heart Pendant IHC

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This is a wonderful Tudor period silver-gilt heart-shaped pendant, dating to the late 15th - early 16th century. The pendant is intact with the original lemon gold gilding and suspension loop. This jewel was discovered by a metal detectorist near Winchester, discussed at length on the Portable Antiquities website (BERK-5A089D). Such a piece would have been worn prior to the Reformation by king Henry VIII, or during the Marian counter-Reformation of the mid 16th century. A nice and intact Tudor pendant that can still be worn today!

OBJECT: Devotional Pendant

CULTURE: English Tudor

DATE: 1450 - 1550 A.D.

MATERIAL: Silver-gilt

SIZE: 29.4mm x 21.4mm x 6.5mm 

WEIGHT: 6.5 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. Originally found near Winchester (Berkshire) PAS #BERK-5A089D