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Ancient Middle Bronze Age Silver Lock Ring Money

£185.00 Approx $225.33, €209.51

Code: 10372

This is a rare Bronze Age silver 'lock-ring', dating to circa 1600 - 1400 B.C. This item would have acted as a single link in a regal chain or royal collar. These 'lock-rings' were used as a form of currency for trade (a precursor to Celtic Ring-Money). Similar 'lock-rings' can be seen in the British Museum. This example is smaller than some of the larger ones I have sold, so likely formed one of the outer links in a graduated chain. Silver again seems to be much rarer than gold examples.

OBJECT: Lock-Ring

CULTURE: Bronze Age

DATE: c. 1600 - 1400 B.C.


SIZE: 14.94mm x 11.61mm x 8.63mm

WEIGHT: 2.4 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection.