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Roman Silver Siliqua of Valentinian II Ex. Thruxton Hoard


Code: 10526

This is an ancient Roman silver Siliqua of emperor Valentinian II dating to 375 - 383 A.D.

D N VALENTINIANVS IVN P F AVG Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right

VICTOR-IA AVGGG, Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm;

This coin was minted at Treveri (Trier, Germany), mintmark TRPS. It had traveled across the English Channel, being buried in the Thruxton Hoard. This coin was purchased directly from the finder after being disclaimed by the British Museum. 




DATE: 375 - 383 A.D.


SIZE: 18mm dia

WEIGHT: 1.8 grams

ATTRIBUTION: RIC IX Trier 43; RSC 40a; Sear 20235