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Ancient Roman Gold Finger Ring Stirrup Type Faux Pearl


Code: 10637

This is an ancient Roman gold finger ring of stirrup shape, dating to the 2nd century A.D. The ring is decorated with granulation work around the bezel. The white glass stone is imitative of an expensive round pearl. This ring is quite small, so likely intended for a child or young lady. The ring displays plenty of age-related wear and nice patina. 

OBJECT: Finger Ring


DATE: c. 2nd century AD

MATERIAL: Gold & Glass

RING SIZE:    2 3/4 (US)       E 1/2 (UK)

SIZE: 21mm x 17mm x 2mm (bezel 10mm x 8mm x 7mm)

WEIGHT:  1.7 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. Private New-York Collection, originally discovered in Alexandria (Egypt)