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Black Prince Anglo Gallic Gold Hardi La Rochelle Mint


Code: 10682

This is an exceedingly rare Anglo-Gallic hammered gold Hardi D'or, of Edward the Black Prince. This coin was struck at the La Rochelle mint in France from 1368 - 1372. This coin depicts Prince Edward pointing towards a sword, the message to his French subjects was simple... (Edward had already vanquished the French royal army at Crecy in 1346 and Poitiers in 1356) any further insurrections or rebellion towards his fathers God-given right to the kingdom of France, would be met with this sword and the English royal army. The reverse of the coin is inscribed in Latin  "My help cometh from the Lord". The iconography of the coin is quite striking and designed show might and force to any French nobleman or knight who transacted in them. 

Obverse = +ED* PO* GnS* REGIS* AnGLIE* PnS* AQVITA, "Edward, first born of the King of England, Prince of Aquitaine"

Reverse = +AUXLLIVm * mEVm* A* DOMInO*R , "My help cometh from the Lord"

This coin was struck for use in English held territory in France. The coin is a detector find it has suffered during its time in the ground. The coin has a wavy flan and partly creased. There is a small piercing to the field, with a flap folded over - it appears all intact so can be straightened with some expert attention. A VF example of this coin is currently on the market for £17,500. With a sold example at £22,500. This coin is a mere fraction of this! ...and has room for improvement.


CULTURE: Medieval France/England

DATE: 1368 - 1372 A.D.


SIZE: 27mm diameter

WEIGHT: 4 grams

ATTRIBUTION: Elias 164; SCH 67; AGC 181 dies 6/c; S.8128)