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Queen Elizabeth I Tudor Gold Half Pound


Code: 10708

This is a Tudor gold half-pound of Queen Elizabeth, minted in London between 1560 - 1561. The coin had a value of 10 shillings or 120 pence, so is a large denomination coin and rare.

Obverse: +ELIZABETH: D; G; ANG; FR; ET: HI; REGINA ( "Elizabeth, by the Grace of God, Queen of England, France and Ireland") crowned bust with long hair left, all within beaded circle with legend surrounding, initial mark crosslet.

Reverse: +SCVTVM: FIDEI: PROTEGET: EAM. ("The shield of faith shall protect her") crowned quartered shield of arms, E to left, R to right, crown breaks inner circle with legend surrounding.

This coin was originally a metal detector find, thus it had suffered in the ground. It bears dig to the field, below Elizabeth's chin that pierces the coin, the face appears to have a dent and is polished. It is a full round coin with no clipping and is of a full weight with minimal wear. Without the problems, it would easily grade as a GVF

DENOMINATION: Half Pound (120 pence)

CULTURE: Tudor England

DATE: 1560 - 1561 A.D.


SIZE: 31mm diameter

WEIGHT: 5.5 grams

ATTRIBUTION: Schneider 738; N.1982; Spink.2520