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Early Anglo-Saxon Primary Phase Silver Sceatta Series F


Code: 10757

This is a nice Anglo Saxon silver Sceatta, struck in south-eastern and eastern England c. 680 - 710 A.D. It is of the Early Anglo-Saxon Primary Phase, Series F. Bust right with pelleted helmet, blundered legend / Small cross on two steps, surrounding annulets, "T" symbols. To me this coin clearly represents a blundered version of the Merovingian gold tremesis of Anglus (Anglo). The blundered lettering clearly spells WICO by the head and ANGLO.MONETA by the cross. As such this is where the original inspiration came from by the Saxons. The grade is excellent, I would suggest EF as it appears as struck. 


CULTURE: Saxon England

DATE: c. 680 - 710 A.D.


SIZE: 12mm dia

WEIGHT: 1.3 grams

ATTRIBUTION: S. 781. Metcalf 136, 137

PROVENANCE: Found in Suffolk