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Medieval Anglo Gallic Silver Denier Richard the Lionheart


Code: 10763

This is a medieval silver denier of King Richard Ist 'the Lionheart', issued as Count of Poitou, between 1169 - 1196 A.D. 

The Anglo-Gallic issues of Richard I are the only ones struck in his own name. The coinage minted in England during his reign is of an immobilized type in the name of his father Henry II.

This example is well struck, his name clear and sharp +RICARDVS REX. The reverse PICTAVIENSIS in three lines across field.

This coin was issued at the Melle mint. It is an excellent example from a hoard or purse loss (see my other examples).


CULTURE: Medieval France

MONARCH:  King Richard I

DATE: 1169- 1196 A.D.


SIZE: 19mm diameter

WEIGHT: 1 gram

ATTRIBUTION: AGC 343A (1/a), Duplessy 926, Roberts 3887, SCBC 8008, De Wit 394