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Anglo Gallic Silver Esterlin of Edward III as Duke of Aquitaine


Code: 10783

This is an exceptional Anglo-Gallic silver Esterlin of King Edward III (1327 - 1377). This coin was issued during the years prior to the Hundred Years War, when Edward paid homage to the king of France as the Duke of Aquitaine.

 Obverse: + ЄDWΛRD’ RЄX ΛnGL’,  crowned bust facing slightly left; below, leopard to left 

 Reverse:  DVX ΛQV ITΛ nIЄ,  long cross pattée terminating in trefoils; crowns in quarters.

This coin was struck in Aquitaine in France. 


CULTURE: Medieval France

MONARCH: Edward III (as Duke of Aquitaine)

DATE: 1327 - 1340


SIZE: 19mm dia

WEIGHT: 1.3 grams

ATTRIBUTION: SCBC 8047; Elias 56; Duplessy, Féodales 1060; Elias Collection 97; Boudeau 497; Poey d'Avant 2877

PROVENANCE: Auction12 AB Philea Svartensgatan 6 SE-116 20 Stockholm Sweden