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Tudor Queen Mary I Silver Groat


Code: 10807

This is a wonderful Tudor silver groat of Queen Mary I, minted in London between 1553 - 1554. It is in good condition with a clear portrait of Mary. This coin hails from an old collection, kept in an old parchment envelope titled "Mary of England (8/6)" for 8 shillings and 6 pence.

The obverse legend is MARIA D G ANG FRA Z HIB REGI with pomegranate (the badge of her mother, Katherine) after MARIA. 

The enigmatic reverse legend reads VERITAS TEMPORIS FILIA – “Truth, the Daughter of Time”. this statement, in my opinion, must relate to her accession as Queen, after her father had claimed her illegitimate on his marriage to Anne Boyeln (mother of Elizabeth I) something to think about! 


CULTURE: Tudor England

DATE: 1553 - 1554 A.D.


SIZE: 24mm dia

WEIGHT: 2 grams

ATTRIBUTION: Spink - 2492