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Bronze Age gold ring money hack


Code: 10961

This is a piece of Middle Bronze Age gold bullion hack, dating to 1300 - 750 B.C. This would have originally formed part of the larger piece of gold jewellery, perhaps part of a ring-money or torque terminal. This example is made from solid gold of high purity (c. 21-24k). It has been purposefully chopped up, you can clearly see the chisel marks, indicative of its use as a method of payment in a bullion economy. Further examples of gold ring-money have been recorded from Somerset SOM-4D34ED, Allerdale in Cumbria LANCUM-C2543F, and Northumberland DUR-EC189D. It is an interesting piece of early currency from a period before round minted coins.

OBJECT: Bullion Hack

CULTURE: Bronze Age

DATE: c. 1300 - 750 B.C.


SIZE: 19mm x 8mm x 4mm

WEIGHT: 3.94 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection, Portugal.