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Baroque gold gimmel type puzzle ring


Code: 11060

This is an interesting finger ring, dating to the 17th or 18th century. It is of the type known as a puzzle ring, made from three interlocking hoops. Puzzle rings originated from the 16th century European Gimmel ring, which is a ring with two or three hoops or links that fit together to form one complete ring. This example is intact and in excavated condition. See also WMID-68CAA3KENT-342BA7 and SUR-4C5F81 for further discussion.

OBJECT: Puzzle Ring

CULTURE:  Baroque

DATE: c. 1620- 1720


RING SIZE:    5 3/4  (US)     L 1/4  (UK)

SIZE: 18mm

WEIGHT:  2.87 grams

PROVENANCE:  Formerly in a private collection, Gloucestershire.