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Baroque Silver Reliquary Pendant Chain of St. Christopher

£495.00 Approx $615.67, €574.25

Code: 11104

This is a rather charming Baroque traveling pilgrims pendant, dating to the 17th - 18th century. The large openwork frame contains a silver plaque from the shrine of the Virgin of Montserrat. The front of the pendant is set with an enameled scene of St. Christopher carrying the Christ Child over a river. He is depicted holding a staff made from a tree, with the blue of the river surrounding. It also retains the original silver chain of 'loop-in-loop' that would have enabled the charm to be hung from a belt or purse by a traveling pilgrim. A rather nice antique object with plenty of charm!

OBJECT:  Reliquary Pendant

CULTURE: Spanish Baroque

DATE: c. 17th century


SIZE: 86.25mm x 59.62mm x 19.71mm (chain 180mm)

WEIGHT:  54.14 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection, Barcelona. Spain.