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Medieval bronze mute 'My Secret' seal of an erased eagle

£340.00 Approx $420.79, €394.89

Code: 11189

This is an interesting medieval bronze seal, dating to the 13th - 14th century. The seal is of a 'chessman' type, engraved with a central device of an eagle with outstretched wings. This eagle may be hard to see, it appears the device was purposefully erased with three lines, this was usually to deactivate the seal on the death of its owner. It bears an inscription in a Lombardic script, reading as "+secretum.meum" (my secret). The seal is as excavated and has a nice chocolate brown patina. 

OBJECT: Seal Matrice

CULTURE: Medieval

DATE: c. 13th - 14th century A.D.


SIZE: 23.72mm x 18.89mm 

WEIGHT:  9.80 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. Cambridgeshire Collection