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Scandinavian Viking Silver Rock Crystal Pendant

£2,500.00 Approx $3156.57, €2920.56

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This is an exceptionally rare Scandinavian silver and rock crystal pendant, dating to the 11th - 12th century A.D. The pendant is identical to those found in Gotland, known as the Visby lenses. The rock crystal is very pure and of excellent quality, ground into an aspheric shape for magnification. The lens is held in the original silver bevel with a loop for suspension on a chain or necklace. The silver mount is decorated with granulation work, with some slight loss due to its great age. The lense has been professionally restored from several pieces, but is all original and very rare!

OBJECT: Pendant / Visby Lens

CULTURE: Scandinavian Viking

DATEc. 11th - 12th century A.D.

MATERIAL: Silver & Rock Crystal

SIZE: 44.11mm x 39.60mm x 13.84mm

WEIGHT: 28.11 grams

PROVENANCE: Ex. European Private Collection