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Renaissance Tudor period silver pendant lovers knot initials


Code: 11261

This is a nice Renaissance (Tudor period) pendant or tag, dating to the 16th century A.D. The shield-shaped face is engraved with a lover's knot between two initials I and (a either an 'e' or) L in a Blackletter script. The back retains part of what appears to be a casting sprue, not a rivet or part of a fixing stud. As such the pendant or tag would have hung from the loop. It was possibly given as a lover's gift with the pair's initials bound within the knot as made popular by King Henry VIII. I have also seen similar shield-shaped tags described as hawking vervels. An interesting item worthy or further research.

OBJECT: Pendant/Tag

CULTURE: Renaissance / Tudor period

DATE: c. 1490 - 1590 A.D.


SIZE: 23.55mm x 16.08mm x 3.66mm

WEIGHT: 3.54 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in the Couville collection, Normandy. France.