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France: Francis II and Mary Queen of Scots silver teston


Code: 11287

This is a wonderful silver teston minted in 1560, during the short reign of King Francis II and Mary Queen of Scots (1559-1560 A.D.)

After the death of King Henry II (in 1559) during a jousting tournament, the coinage still bore his name and portrait whilst a new design for his son Francis was being produced at the mint. This coin bears the bust of King Henry II in armour, dated 1560. In December 1560 King Francis died and the reign went to his brother and not to Mary who returned to Scotland.

A nice coin with great presence and history! 


CULTURE: Renaissance France

DATE: 1560 A.D.


SIZE: 29.60mm diameter

WEIGHT: 9.40 grams

ATTRIBUTION: Duplessy 1031

PROVENANCE: Ex. Bourg-Numismatique, France.