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Coin weight for an English Medieval Gold Noble

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Code: 11302

This is a cast copper-alloy coin weight of late medieval to early post-medieval date. A uniface weight, it bears an image of a ship on the obverse, struck onto a hexagonal flan. Withers and Withers (1995, 19) describes such coin weights as Anglo-French and date them to the 15th or 16th centuries. Similar examples have been recorded from York (YORYM-BA554F), Essex (ESS-2081A7) and Sussex (SUSS-7E66A3).  

DENOMINATION: Gold Noble coin weight

CULTURE: Medieval Anglo-French

DATE: c. 15th - 16th century

MATERIAL: Copper-alloy

SIZE: 19.21mm x 19.70mm x 3.40mm

WEIGHT: 7.41 grams