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Medieval casket mount eagle of Saint John

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This is a medieval bronze gilded mount, dating to the 14th - 16th century A.D. It displays an eagle with outstretched wings being a depiction of the evangelist St John. It could be envisioned that this artefact was one of a set of four (the others being a man, a bull and an eagle for St Luke, St Matthew, and St Mark) that adorned the four corners of the casket's or box lid, possibly a reliquary. Similar mounts are recorded on PAS database WAW-1C3F65, LVPL-F667A7 and DEV-473985 and have been dated to the Late Medieval period (14th to 16th Centuries AD).

OBJECT: Casket mount

CULTURE: Medieval

DATE: c. 1350 - 1550 AD

MATERIAL: Bronze & gold gilded

SIZE: 59.54mm x 51.10mm x 3.96mm

WEIGHT: 41.59 grams

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a Canadian private collection