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A nice antique cameo pendant of Roman lady

£954.00 Approx $1312.24, €1117.1

Code: 11310

This is a nice cameo of a Roman lady, mounted into a modern 18k gold frame for use as a pendant. The cameo appears to be made from a layered hardstone but sold to me as being made from glass. The portrait appears quite early and similar to that found on Classical cameos from Rome of the 2nd century. A nice jewel that is worthy of further research.

OBJECT: Cameo pendant

CULTURE: Neoclassical

DATE: 19th century A.D. or earlier

MATERIAL: Sardonyx? (not shell, perhaps glass?)

SIZE: 26.81mm (without hanger 36.46mm) x 20.22mm x 6.91mm

WEIGHT: 7.23 grams